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Club Membership & Bond Administration

The Shipley's Choice Swim & Tennis Club (SCS&TC) is a private, recreational facility serving residents of the Shipley's Choice Community.  Membership requirements are discussed in Section 3 of the Club Rules.  Membership is extended through purchase of a Certificate of Membership Bond.  Bonds may be purchased after 1) ascension through the Club's Waiting List or 2) transfer during home resale.  Once purchased, a Bond's ownership records may be modified or the Bonds may be surrendered to terminate Membership.

Summaries of each "Bond" procedure and the supporting request forms are presented below.  Please retain a copy of completed forms and mail the original to the Club Secretary at PO Box 74, Millersville, MD 21108 for processing. 

Member Actions

Transfer Bond at Home Resale

Bonds issued prior to March 1995 may be transferred once to the new owners during the property's resale.  All transfers of ownership must be processed by the Club before Membership privileges (admission to Club facilities) are extended.  Submit a Bond Transfer form to start this transaction.

Change Bond Ownership Information

Admission to Club facilities and Membership privilege is contingent upon Bondholder information recorded by the Club.  Members moving within the community, changing their name, or changing their family members are responsible for informing the Club Secretary of these changes.  Failure to do so may result in their being declined admission or use of Club facilities.  Submit a Change of Bondholder Record form to update Bond information.

Terminate Membership

Members wishing to terminate their membership may surrender Bonds at any time.  The surrendering Member will receive a refund for their Bond's face value after it's successful resale to candidates on the Waiting List.  Submit a Membership Termination form to terminate membership.

Prospective Member Actions

Join our Membership Waiting List

Membership in our Club is capped at 720 households.  As members surrender Bonds, they are offered for purchase to the first household on the Club's Waiting List.  Persons declining membership are dropped from the waiting list and membership is offered to the next name in line until no Bonds remain.  To join our Waiting List, you must be a property owner in Shipley's Choice or "Under Contract" to purchase property in Shipley's Choice.  Submit a Request for Membership form to be added to our list. 

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